Roßfechten Symposium

A weekend full of history, horsemanship & fun challenges

The foremost event of the international Roßfechten (mounted combat) community is the Roßfechten Symposium, held annually at Arne’s knightly manor in Lauchröden. Riders from all over the world, some travelling down all the way from Australia, the USA and Dubai, come together for the many interesting lectures, workshops and sparring sessions that the event offers.

The atmosphere at the event is inclusive and constructive, with teachers of note taking pride and joy in helping newcomers, beginners and experienced peers alike. The symposium brings together practitioners from different background; riders, fencers and historians, amongst others – all contributing in their own way.

The Roßfechten Symposium distinguishes itself from other events in terms of scale and level. It is notable for its combination of combat riding and High School movements, exploring such disciplines as riding with reins on the belt to free both hands for combat. Innovative, academic and full of eye for detail, this world-renowned event is truly at the forefront of research and experimentation in the field.