Riding Instruction

Don’t fear the energy of your horse – give it direction

Arne teaches riders of all levels and backgrounds, and horses of every type and breed. From the basics of seat and aids to the movements of the High School, lessons are adapted to suit the needs and wishes of each individual rider. The aim of historical dressage is to keep the horse healthy, brave and collected – and ready for any challenge.

With a wealth of knowledge at his disposal, Arne doesn’t just explain the practicalities of an exercise, but also explores the theory and context behind it. His students praise him for his positive approach to teaching and his very clear and individually-tailored instructions. He has a knack for phrasing information in a way that is easy to understand and makes sense to both rider and horse.

A riding style that is so centred on seat, energy and lightness of aids lends itself perfectly to any applied riding, not just in the historical disciplines, but also in modern horsemanship. With its focus on one-handed riding, historical dressage is a great foundation for working equitation, cattle work, western dressage and show riding.

Arne teaches clinics worldwide and often travels throughout Europe and to the USA and Australia/New-Zealand. His clinics are a great mix of theory and practice and a joy to attend for both participants and spectators. Due to Arne’s busy schedule, it is advisable to book clinics well in advance.