About Arne

Arne Koets

A passionate horseman and skilled instructor, Arne started his riding career as part of a showteam recreating historical tournaments. During his five years as a rider and curator at the Fürstliche Hofreitschule in Bückeburg, he truly started to master the art of riding and the High School movements, and he learnt the tricks of the trade from Master Wolfgang Krischke himself.

Arne’s focus is on the more traditional parts of classical dressage; not content with just mastering the exercises, he seeks to apply them in their original context. This includes mounted fencing, jousting, archery on horseback, garrocha work and other forms of practical riding. With his penchant for history, Arne has several unique specialities, such as riding in full plate armour, wielding weapons from horseback and guiding horses successfully through demanding circumstances.

In his spare time, Arne loves to dance the Argentinian tango, which is a great way to understand and augment riding skills.

Historical Dressage
Inspired by the old masters such as Pluvinel and De La Guérinière, Arne teaches a particular brand of riding that he terms historical dressage. This dynamic riding style is very seat-orientated and advocates a light hand. Much like guiding your partner through the steps of a tango, historical dressage is all about directing energy into harmonic motions, a dance of horse and rider.